Q: What do you charge?

A: I charge a $100 creative fee for all sessions.  You may order prints a'la carte, a print package, or purchase a CD of all the images to print on your own.  Complete pricing info available here.


Q: What's included with the session fee?

A: We will spend 30 minutes to 1 hour capturing all kinds of creative shots.  Depending on your needs, I will deliver 15-20 finished images (more if you are purchasing a CD) via email in an online gallery.  You order a'la carte prints directly from the gallery.  If you order a package, email me your selections referencing the image numbers in the gallery.  Here is a sample gallery.


Q: Where do we take the pictures?

A: It can be anywhere, really.  An interesting city street/alley, in front of an old church, an open field, a beautiful outdoor park.  It's up to you. I can also choose for you, but we will need to stay within the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon area.  Here is a session from one of my favorite locations here in Edwardsville.


Q: What dates and times are you available?  What's your schedule?

A: In 2012, I will be shooting every Saturday beginning April 1st. We can start as early as 3pm in the spring and fall, and go as late as 7pm in the summer.  The best time for pictures is about 1 hour before sunset.


Q: What do you suggest that we wear?

A: Colors! Don't be afraid to mix it up.  Here is a GREAT resource for clothing inspiration.  Visit this link for many ideas.


Q: What happens if it rains or the weather is otherwise unfavorable?

A: We will need to reschedule if it rains, or if it's too windy or cloudy on the day of our appointment.  I will offer you your choice of my next earliest available time slot.


Q: How long does it take for my pictures to be ready?

A: About a week.  Sometimes a bit longer during the fall.  Many times sooner than that.


Q: I want to have my pictures on my computer.  Can I  have a disc of the pictures?

A: If you would like to show your pictures online, you may simply post a link to your gallery.  If you would like, I can provide you with a disc of low resolution files that you may upload and use on your personal social networking sites.  If you would like the high resolution files that you may print, I do sell those separately.


Q: Where are my pictures printed, and how do I order?  How long does it take?

A: Your pictures are printed on the finest quality papers at one of the oldest, most established professional photography labs in America.  They will arrive directly at your door, safe and sound, within a week of the order being placed.  Complete ordering instructions here.